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Our Mission

“Service to humanity is service to divinity.”

Our Mission motto is “In the Service of Society.” Each of our actions is just a manifestation of this statement. Our mission is to make a society where fundamental values are followed and there is mutual respect, love and cooperation. We are also determined to help the needy and make them believe that the world belongs to them as well. Empathy and Compassion are the driving words of our mission.

Vinod Bajaj Memorial Charitable Trust is serving all, irrespective of caste, religion or status. We believe that the Elders and the Children are our responsibility. A better life for them means a better life for us. Our Mission is to add happiness and contentment to the society by holding hands of those who need help and companionship.

We are dedicated to the social causes where individuals, social groups or government agencies need our assistance. From sharing a glass of water to sponsoring the educations of a bright child; from talking to an elder (senior citizen) who is sad for some reason, to taking them to Day-Care Centres and ‘make their day’ meaningful and happy, we aim at all possible contributions that our society may need.

  • To provide all kind of education including professional, vocational,
technical and medical education.
 • To construct maintain, manage and operate educational institutions for providing all kind of education. 
• To take up all formal and non-formal educational programmes as per directives contained in the national policy of education 1986. 
• To open, run and manage Day Care Centres.
 • To open, run and manage Old Age House.
 • To engage all kinds of social welfare activities for physical challenged persons, widows, children and women. 
• To organize blood donation camps from time to time 
• To organize free medical examination and treatment camps from time to time 
• To organize sports training camps for youth as well as to organize sports competitions from time to time. 
• To organize various events and deemed appropriate in the circumstances for the welfare of widows, old age persons and physically handicapped persons. 
• To organize various events and deemed appropriate in the circumstances in order to save the environment from pollution as well as to educate the general masses about the environment issues. 
•To give, provide and/or render help and assistance and/or implement any scheme for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor. 
• To give, provide and/or render monitory and/or other help and assistance for the relied of the persons and animals affected by natural and other calamities such as flood , fire m famine , cyclone , earthquake , storms, accident, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like, to give donations, subscription or contribution to institution, establishment, centres or persons doing relief work on such occasions. 
• To meet traveling, boarding and lodging expenses for students in India and going abroad for higher commercial and technical education. 
• To open/found, establish, promote, setup, run , maintain, assist, finance, support/or add or help in the setting up and/or running institutions, centres, auditoriums and the like for the running of welfare and other services to the public and to private meeting rooms for socially useful activities and culture. • To help arranging a marriages for needy and poor families of the society. 
• To create awareness and addressing some of the social evils such as female feticide, dowry, extravagant expenditure on social function such as marriage, empowerment of women in decision making etc 
• To take up programmes for accelerating the pace of rural development with application of science and technology especially in field of water conservation, sanitation, low cost housing, agriculture and animal husbandry and engineering sources. 
• To take up programmes for ensuring protection of environment and for regeneration of natural resources degraded due to past neglection. 
• Promotion and extension of appropriate technology including system having renewable sources of energy. 
• To take up programme in which science and technology may have major role in improving life, working conditions and opportunity for gainful employment of women. 
• To spend the entire corpus money deposited and collected by the trust in anyway whatsoever in pursuance and furtherance of the objects mentioned in this clause and no other object 

Chairman - Smt Sushil Bajaj 
Secretary cum Cashier - Sh Vikram Bajaj